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IMG_0072Just like you, I am passionate about the outdoors and so is my family. My wife Sarah grew up on the Illinois River and was digging for worms to go fishing and enjoying nature long before she met me! We spent many weekends together camping, fishing, hiking and hunting in the wilderness, and our passion for the outdoors has only grown since our  children came into our lives. Our son Dagan harvested his first deer when he was eight years old and has been fishing since he could walk. Our daughter Lake didn’t get that name by accident and she’s more than happy to pull in a bigger fish than all of us on family trips!FullSizeRender
 Our collective enthusiasm for the outdoors is what led me to create Total Outdoor Guide. As I was searching for an elk hunt for my 40th birthday, I had to individually search for guide/outfitter, find their location, determine their legitimacy, and if they could accommodate my group. The whole process was incredibly time consuming, and I realized many other people must have gone through the same thing. It only made sense that people should be able to find and verify outdoor guides in the location of their choice, while giving the guides themselves unlimited public exposure. That’s when Total Outdoor Guide was born! We provide information on guides and outfitters in all 50 U.S. states and Canadian provinces, as well as any reviews they’ve received. Our simple system allows you to easily choose and compare where you want to take your next outdoor journey, whether you want to hunt Brown Bear in Alaska, Moose in Canada, or Red Fish in the Gulf of Mexico.
193178Our family’s passion for the outdoors led us to create the ideal solution for outdoor enthusiasts as well as outfitters and guides. If we’re out on a weekend trip under the blue skies of the outdoors, or practicing with bows and BB guns in our backyard, we love experiencing the beauty of nature. If you share our passion, want to check an item off your “bucket list,” plan your next family vacation or spend an exciting afternoon outside, we can help you complete your journey. Begin your next outdoor adventure with us!
Dan Martin and The Martin Family,
Total Outdoor Guide